Jobs at Origin Scotland

We are currently recruiting people for the following positions.

Administrator and Researcher (Self-funded, raise own support)

Origin Scotland is looking for two contracted missionary administration assistants. This role will involve updating and expanding... More >>

Church Reps (Volunteer position)

Origin has a series of church reps that help us to get the news out to churches about events in your area. The job involves... More >>

Publicity Distribution Coordinator (Volunteer position)

The Publicity Distribution Coordinator is responsible for collection of publicity materials from delivery point in/around... More >>

Front of House Manager (Volunteer position)

The Front of House manager must prepare FOH materials in advance of events, organise and recruit volunteers to assist in... More >>

Applicants should supply a brief CV and at least two references, one of which should be from a minister at their church and neither from a close friend or relative. Email applications only to