Origin's music collective is made up of a number of formal groups and several informal groups. We restructured the performance part of the ministry in 2010, leading to a variety of musical groups in which people can participate. We have performed in events around Cape Town. Our regular larger-scale events are held in the City Hall, a 1,200-seat concert hall on Grand Parade, though we have performed in schools, theatres and outdoors around the Mother City.

The Origin Band

The Origin Band comprises a standard band with occasional added instruments. We use them by themselves for smaller gigs and worship events and combined with one or more of the other groups for larger events. The Origin Band's sister-band in the UK released their first album, un|broken, in May 2009 and you can read more about it and listen to excerpts or order online on our new album page. More...>>

The Cape Town Gospel Choir

The Cape Town Gospel Choir is our auditioned choir which is used for larger performance-style events. Admission to this brand new group, founded in 2010 is by invitation or audition. For more information, rehearsal times and how to apply for an audition, visit the The Cape Town Gospel Choir website. More...>> (new window)

The Origin Praise Choir

The Origin Praise Choir was a new venture for us in 2010 following our restructuring of the Origin music groups, and takes on the larger-scale praise and worship events. The choir is not auditioned, though people are expected to be able to sing in tune and in parts, and rehearses only in advance of the event at which they are participating. It is sometimes used along with the other Origin choral groups. More...>>.

The Origin Chamber Orchestra

The Origin Chamber Orchestra is used for large-scale praise and worship, as well as outreach events. This new group founded in 2010 is made up of volunteer musicians who have reached a high standard in their instrument, both amateur and professional. The orchestra performs by itself as well as with the band and choirs. Admission is by invitation or audition, and the orchestra is an ad-hoc group, meeting as and when required.

Inclusion in any Origin programme is at the discretion of the organisers.