The Origin Praise Choir

The Origin Praise Choir

While this group is newly formed in 2010, it was formed out of one of the oldest groups involved in Origin. We started performing with a choir in 2001, holding events at Meadowridge Baptist Church and Bergvliet High School, and in 2005 moved into larger venues.

The group has always had an open policy on admissons, allowing anyone who can hold a tune to sing with us, and has sung in events such as Gospel According to Hollywood in 2005, along with semi-annual participation in the City Praise events in Cape Town's City Hall since 2005.

This choir has also combined with Origin's UK-based choirs for joint events.

We rehearse only in the lead-up to large-scale events, so the commitment is not huge, and can usually be worked into people's schedules. The age range of the choir is large, mostly comprising those in their 20s and 30s, but right up to those with the free bus pass, and it can vary largely between events!

Join us! - we have a clear mission: to unite the church in praise and worship of our Lord Jesus, and are always looking for people to join us on the journey. You can sign up online, or email choir at originsa dot org for more information.

Colin Peckham

Colin studied music at Edinburgh University and theology with the University of South Africa. He is a freelance website developer and serves as Origin's Artistic Director for Edinburgh and Cape Town. He is married to Norma and has a young son, Andrew.

Inclusion in any Origin programme is at the discretion of the organisers.